About Us

Dear valued partner

We are pleased to submit you personally the following press release, which will be published shortly in several technical magazines and websites.

We, Brugg Pipesystems as a leading Swiss & German manufacture of pre-Insulated pipes are announcing the promotion of Dean Lowe as Managing Director UK after the retirement of Ian Moxom who has dealt with BRUGG as a UK agent for over 25 years until BRUGG acquired the business back in 2015.

Dean Lowe joined BRUGG in 2016 as Sales and Marketing Director and has a wealth of knowledge within the H&V and Civils sector which he will fit into our growth plans for the UK. We are wishing Ian Moxom all the best for his well-earned retirement and a successful start in the new role for Dean Lowe.

Caption from left to right: Andreas Pitschak, Dean Lowe and Stephan Peters

Further information on the newly formed management as well as to the development of our company can be found at our homepage www.pipesystems.com.


Mission Statement

  • Offer quality products, systems and advice, which represent excellent long-term value to our customers.

  • Be a responsive and reliable supplier of high quality pipes, offering - and jointly evolving with customers - long-life, cost-effective, low-maintenance systems for heating, cooling in homes, commercial, industrial and public buildings;

  • Promote effective use of energy resources and adapt our products and designs to meet opportunities presented by developments in renewable energy technology

  • Be economical in the use of materials and processes and minimise damage to the environment from our activities.