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Very low heat loss and high durability – because we use pressure-injected PUR foam which is fully bonded to the pipe and the casing.

  • Working Temp: 80°C
  • Operating Pressure: 6-10 bar
  • Available in Uno/Duo/Quadriga

Developed for the low-temperature range

CALPEX® is a flexible, self-compensating, continuous and heat-insulated pipe system with a medium pipe made of cross-linked polyethylene.

No underground connections

CALPEX® district heating pipes can be supplied in rings of up to 807 m in one piece, depending on the dimensions. This largely eliminates underground connection points.

Narrow pipe trenches

CALPEX® district heating pipes only need 60% of the line width required for plastic casing pipes in the past.

Tight bending radii

CALPEX® district heating pipe is so flexible that it can easily be adapted to virtually any pipeline conditions. Pipes can pass below or above existing supply lines.

No expansion zones

The composite system prevents thermal expansion of the medium pipe. No compensating measures (expansion zones) are required underground.

Excellent heat insulation values

The insulation consists of pentane-blown polyurethane foam (PUR). The excellent lambda value of 0.0199 W/mK achieves exceptional insulation values with a small volume.

Longitudinally watertight

In the CALPEX® system, the inner pipe forms a composite together with the insulating foam. In case of pipe damage due to external influences, this means that no cavities are created where water could collect and flow toward the building.

Area of application:

Heat supply pipes, drinking water transportation, drainage/waste water systems, cooling plants, swimming bath technology and agricultural applications are just a few examples from our extensive list of references.


Compression connector

Compression connector

This brass connector is compressed onto the pipe with a special tool. Available with external thread, as a pipe coupling, T-joint or in steel with a weld end.

Screwed Connector

Screwed connector

Simple screwed connector that does not require a special tool.
Available with external thread, as a pipe coupling, T-joint or in steel with a weld end.



The FUSAPEX® electro-welding joint in crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) is used to make fast, simple and reliable joints for CALPEX® medium pipes with operating temperatures from -40 to +95°C

New T-I-L Shells for CALPEX® UNO/DUO (126 mm)

T-Shell Connector

Connections made easy

Our new CALPEX® Clip T-I-L Shell marks a new departure in protection for pipe junctions in low-temperature systems. Instead of wasting time screwing the connection in confined spaces, the new click-on connector makes child’s play of the job!

I-Shell Connector

Quick to install

16 sealing clamps quickly make child’s play of installing the T-I-L Shells – the perfect protection for pipe junctions.

L-Shell Connector

Simple to handle

The new T-I-L Shells are filled on site with fine-pore dual-component insulating foam to keep the pipe junction absolutely tight.

  • low-cost, thanks to the injection molding process
  • all-plastic design
  • no metal parts
  • no corrosion
  • shatterproof
  • lightweight