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Casaflex Uno Pipe


Casaflex Duo Pipe


  • Working Temp: Up to 130°C & 160°C
  • Operating Pressure: 12-25 bar
  • Available in Uno/Duo

For use at high temperatures

CASAFLEX® is a flexible, self-compensating, endless production, monitorable and heat-insulated pipe system with a special steel medium pipe.

Operational data Excellent heat insulation at high temperatures

The diffusion barrier and the structure of the CASAFLEX® pipe system guarantee minimal heat losses as well as resistance to high temperatures. Operational temperatures up to 130 °C, peak temperatures up to 160 °C, PN 16/25, DN 20-100.


CASAFLEX® has a corrugated medium pipe made of special steel. The heat insulation consists of CFC-free, flexible PIR rigid foam with excellent heat insulating properties.


CASAFLEX® house connection pipes are suitable for use in local and district heating networks, in industry and when renewable energies are utilized (including solar technology, wood chips, biomass, etc.).


Mechanical connector with external thread or weld end

The screw-on connector compresses a graphite seal to make sure a completely tightness. DN 20 - DN 100, material: special steel/steel